Posted by: admin | October 15, 2009

Doc Ford’s Sanibel – Serving Up Employment

The Doc Ford’s Sanibel Rum Bar & Grille and Doc Ford’s Fort Myers Beach, along with their sister restaurant, The Beached Whale on Fort Myers Beach, are known for offering delicious food and drinks. Now those three restaurants are looking to serve up dozens of employment opportunities to qualified applicants looking for employment.

A group of hopefuls filling out applications

A group of hopefuls filling out applications

Nearly 300 candidates stopped by Doc Ford’s on Fort Myers Beach on October 6 during an open employee search to fill out applications, deliver resumes, and meet with representatives from the three restaurants for pre-screening interviews pertaining to management, serving, hosting, cooking, bartending and kitchen positions. 

Everyone from experienced restaurant workers to unemployed career candidates open to a change turned up trying to make a good enough impression to rate further consideration. 

Doc Ford's Fort Myers Beach manager, Wade Craft (left), interviewing an applicant.

Doc Ford's Fort Myers Beach manager, Wade Craft (left), interviewing an applicant.

Wade Craft, a manager at the Doc Ford’s Fort Myers Beach location, plans to continue building the team that was on board when the restaurant opened in April. “We’re hoping to get the best of the best,” he said. “We have a great staff now and we’re looking to add to that. We’re a growing company, so there’s potential within the company. Not many businesses anymore will offer benefits. We offer a great working environment and a great opportunity for people to make money.”

Because so many people are looking for work right now, Beached Whale manager Pam Crenshaw recognizes what that means for her selection process. “We strive to hire the best employees that we can for long-term retention,” she said. “Fortunately for us, the market is very competitive, so we get our pick of people in the job market.”

Crenshaw, who puts a premium on personality, asked applicants to tell her a joke during their interview to see how they would respond.

Doc Ford’s Sanibel manager Elizabeth Harris noted that although her restaurant has exceptionally low turnover and only a few positions need to be filled, she is always on the lookout for hidden treasures who are “eager and willing” to work for a good company in an “amazing atmosphere” where customers are thought of and treated like family. “We’ll find a spot for you,” she says of top-notch candidates, and added that some employees can qualify for toll reimbursement and other benefits.

Judy Voelz recently moved to Fort Myers from Indiana, and she hopes to secure a bartending spot to supplement the income she’s receiving from her job at Tarpon Bay Explorers on Sanibel. “It’s a wonderful company,” she said of Doc Ford’s. “I’ve heard nothing but great things about them and I’m looking for the best people to work for. The competition (for jobs) is tougher, but we’ll see what happens.”

Chris, another bartending applicant, is dissatisfied with the financial limitations at his current restaurant job, and he hopes that Doc Ford’s or the Beached Whale can provide “better opportunities at a good company that’s secure.”

Marty Harrity, who is part-owner of the three restaurants, summed up what his company hopes to find in its potential employees; “We look for people that want good jobs with a good company that has good benefits,” he said. “They enjoy doing what they do and understand the meaning of hospitality, and that’s what this business is all about.”


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